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The story of Dimensione Disegno began in 1982 when Adalberto Mestre, a businessman from San Donà di Piave, a small town in the province of Venice, to the east of the Veneto region, asked architect Tobia Scarpa to design a range of fireplace accessories. The result was the very first DIMENSIONE FUOCO collection. Over the years, the company’s product range has gradually grown with the addition of articles for the garden and accessories for the home.

The offices of Dimensione Disegno are located next to the “Parco della Scultura in Architettura”, an open-air museum of sculpture that is well known to students and enthusiasts of art and architecture the world over. The Park is run by the (link: http://www.arch-art.it) association and welcomes visitors all year round. Together with other sponsors, Dimensione Disegno helps support the Park’s cultural initiatives.

Dimensione Disegno srl
Via Vittorio Veneto 118 int. 1
30027 San Donà di Piave (VE)
C.F. - P. IVA 03492740273
Tel. 0421 - 52275
Fax 0421 - 51569
E-mail: info@dimensionedisegno.it